Shopify Payment Gateway Prices in the US, June 2018

February 22, 2023

Global e-commerce studies show that customers in the USA favour credit card over any other payment method.

Merchants need to seek out the safest payment gateways whilst keeping an eye on costs. So which one is right for your business?

What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway allows you to take payment from your customers via your website. With a credit or debit card payment, the payment gateway will connect to the customer's bank to arrange payment to your business. The payment gateway will return an approval or rejection of the request. Payment gateways charge a monthly fee and commission rate for this service.

What are the options on Shopify?

Shopify Payments, powered by Stripe

Shopify payments, powered by Stripe, are the out the box solution that comes with your Shopify package.

Shopify Payments - powered by StripeCountries accepted in: United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

-Price per monthTransaction fee (online)Transaction fee (offline)Basic Shopify$292.2% + 20p1.7% + 0pShopify$791.9% + 20p1.6% + 0pAdvanced Shopify and Shopify Plus$2991.6% + 20p1.5% + 0p

USA payment gateways compatible with Shopify

If you don't use Shopify Payments you can choose a third party payment gateway to process your payments. These connect to the Shopify checkout for a seamless customer experience. Shopify charge a commission for using an external payment gateway.

One thing to note is the amount of payment gateways who only disclose transaction and set up costs on request (hence the large amount of POA in the table below). Transaction fees and monthly costs can often only be determined based on your order volume and what you sell, so it's best to enquire about the rates based on your specific business.

GatewaySet up feeMonthlyTransaction feeAlipay$49$25/month2.9% + 30¢Bambora$49$25/month-BitPaynonen/a1%Chase Paymentech (Orbital)POAPOAPOACoinbase CommercePOAPOAPOACyberSourcePOAPOAPOADwollanonefrom $0 - $200050¢ - POAG2A PayPOAPOAPOAGoCoinnonen/a1%Merchant e-SolutionsPOAPOAPOAMONEIn/an/a1.39 % + 24 ¢Klarnan/an/aPOAPaymentExpress$20 - POA$0 - 99$0.08 - 0.15PayPaln/an/a3.9 % + 35 ¢PinwheelPayPOAPOAPOAPsigatenonenoneCustomLay Buy1.9% admin feen/an/aQuickBooks Payments* integration with PayPal - Paypal fees applyDependant on Quickbooks packageSee PayPalSage Payment Solutions20.90/45 to POA for EnterprisePOA Payments* see above--Vantiv Integrated PaymentsnoneCustomCustomWorldPayPOAPOAPOA


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