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Rooted in a passion for preserving the planet's biodiversity, B!POD is the new consumer innovations division of materials science company, SAES. Launched in 2022, the brand develops applications for advanced materials that improve integration between humans and the planet. Their first challenge: tackling the ever-growing problem of food waste.

When a small group of in-house designers at Italian material science company, SAES, came up with the concept for a food vacuum sealer that preserved food for five times longer, they knew there was an opportunity to take it to market – but they needed help with the ‘how.’ That’s where we came in.

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The Challenge

Seeking a setup on Shopify Plus to sell their new product direct-to-consumer, B!POD approached us to design and build their e-commerce website from the ground up. But with a tight turnaround of 2 months, we had to get creative and move fast.

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The Solution

We focused on a content-driven storytelling approach for the design, incorporating B!POD's eye-catching assets and illustrations. And, to ensure a seamless customer journey, we prioritized a clean layout for their store while still keeping it engaging with bold elements like animations. 

Our team successfully launched B!POD on Shopify Plus, using online 2.0 which allowed for a component-driven and reusable site. To cater for their international goals we also implemented Shopify Markets to quickly expand B!POD's reach to customers in Italy and the UK and set a foundation for future international stores.

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The Results

With an award-winning new website, B!POD has a rock-solid foundation to propel the brand into the stratosphere (or should we say exosphere!). But our work doesn’t stop here. Since launching, we’ve partnered long-term to continue enhancing the site, supporting the team on their mission to preserve the planet’s biodiversity.

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