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Boasting superior performance, quality, and aesthetic design, HyperX has been creating best-in-class gaming products for over a decade. Designed by people with a passion for gaming, it’s no surprise this award-winning brand is the go-to for a huge customer base, from celebrities to pro gamers and tech enthusiasts worldwide.

Having recently been purchased by HP, HyperX had ambitious goals for global expansion and needed a commerce platform to match. The brand approached us to migrate them to Shopify Plus, complete with a full website redesign. Ensuing a successful launch of their US and CA store, we embarked on a long-term partnership with HyperX, launching stores in the UK, France, and Germany.

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The Challenge

HyperX approached us, having outgrown their existing bespoke platform – they needed an e-commerce platform that could match their hyper-growth. The first step was a migration to Shopify Plus, including a complete redesign. Once that was complete, the next step was global expansion – with the long-term goal of 10% of HyperX’s global revenue coming from DTC.

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The Solution

We migrated HyperX from their bespoke platform to Shopify Plus, initially focusing on their US and Canadian stores. Using our proprietary content tool, we designed and developed a suite of building blocks, allowing the HyperX team to construct unique content experiences throughout the site. These reusable blocks were built with international expansion in mind, supporting Shopify’s multi-language functionality and allowing the HyperX team to create, update and synchronize content across multiple Shopify instances.

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The Results

Following the successful launch of their US and Canadian stores, HyperX partnered up with us for the long term to support their global expansion on Shopify Plus. With a solid foundation in place, we built and enhanced HyperX expansion stores for the UK, France, and Germany with Shopify 2.0 with adjustments, including using our custom framework, to give their customers a faster, slicker user experience.