Nadine Merabi

Redesign & Rebuild

Renowned for their signature embellished dresses and tailored silhouettes, Nadine Merabi epitomizes modern luxury, captivating a global audience of discerning fashion enthusiasts and celebrities alike.

Nadine Merabi were facing challenges with their existing e-commerce site. Seeking a complete refresh for their Shopify store design and a solution to accelerate their growth, they turned to us for a redesign and rebuild.

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The Challenge

Nadine Merabi’s challenge was three-fold: The existing store didn’t reflect their brand identity and felt in stark contrast to the high quality design and production of their products; sluggish site speed was hindering conversions; And, with ambitious plans to grow in new regions and 55% of their e-com sales coming internationally, their international set up was in significant need of improvement.

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The Solution

We built Nadine Merabi a stunning new Shopify store leveraging Shopify's Sections Everywhere for faster feature development. Our bespoke framework ensures Nadine Merabi fast page-load speeds, averaging just 2 seconds, whilst also prioritizing mobile optimization to accommodate their significant mobile traffic, which accounts for 93% of all visits.

As a fast-growing brand, we needed to ensure Nadine Merabi had an international setup that would allow them to expand into new markets with success. Shopify Markets provided the answer, giving the brand the tools to ‘switch on’ new markets with ease, whilst at the same time allowing us to consolidate two of their international stores, reducing financial overheads and improving operational efficiency.

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The Results

In less than one month since their launch, Nadine Merabi’s new store is already demonstrating significant success, with desktop SEO performance increasing by 10.67%, Mobile performance increasing by 165% and accessibility scores on both desktop and mobile up by 17.07%.