Paul Valentine


Since 2015, Paul Valentine has been meticulously crafting timeless, elegant jewelry – and in 8 short years, has become a globally recognized brand, serving hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide.

Already on Shopify Plus, Paul Valentine turned to us to simplify their international content management, boost their site speed, and future–proof their online retail.

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The Challenge

Paul Valentine was operating on Shopify Plus, but their existing setup demanded complex management of content across 12 separate online stores. Not only was this taxing operationally, but it put a huge financial strain on their plans for international expansion. They needed to simplify their approach without compromising on flexibility and user experience.

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The Solution

A headless architecture was selected as the best approach to tackle the brand’s complex international requirements. We built Paul Valentine a custom storefront experience using Shopify’s Storefront API and Nuxt/Vue.js, leveraging Contentful on the backend to unify content management across regions. This allowed simplified operational management for the e-commerce team while providing lightning-fast site speed for their users. 

For the redesign, we made the customer experience more immersive, focusing on large imagery, animation, and subtle interactions. We also elevated the brand experience by refining elements of their visual identity whilst retaining the core essence of Paul Valentine.

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The Results

Now, Paul Valentine flaunts a futureproof headless build that covers 24+ regional storefronts yet is powered by just two Shopify stores and one Contentful CMS backend. Managing these locales from a centralized hub drastically saves the brand time to focus on what matters: growth. 

The move also facilitated further internationalization, enabling Paul Valentine to stand up new local stores in under a day.