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Since launching in 2014, Totême has gained tremendous traction with their signature, considered styles that transcend trends. It’s no surprise editors, celebrities, and global customers covet their silhouettes. Based in Stockholm, Totême explores the appeal of a timeless wardrobe through distinct design cues, meticulous craftsmanship, perfected cuts, and elevated fabrics.

Constrained by a WooCommerce build that was hampering their growth, Totême approached us in desperate need of a new e-commerce platform. Partnering up, we migrated Totême to a new Shopify Plus store that optimizes the brand’s online experience and paves the way for international growth.

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The Challenge

With an ever-growing, global customer base, Totême needed a website that could facilitate their ambitious international growth plans but their existing WooCommerce platform wasn’t up to the task – they needed to replatform. Totême were looking for an agency to migrate them to Shopify Plus and, more importantly, enter a long-term partnership to support them as they scaled up their international e-commerce operations. Our extensive experience on Shopify and our international expertise made us the perfect match.

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The Solution

We migrated Totême to a new Shopify Plus website, delivering an online experience that is a beautiful extension of their brand and, at the same time, a high-performing e-commerce store primed for global expansion. 

Key to the success of the project was close collaboration with the Totême brand and e-commerce teams, ensuring the online experience lived up to their clothing. Large editorial imagery and a paired-back, minimalist design aesthetic are combined with mobile-first UX and high-performing page loads to create a slick, engaging experience. 

The brand’s international growth ambitions are catered for using a Shopify multi-store architecture. This allows Totême to fully localize the experience of each of their geographic markets.

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The Results

Now, Toteme flaunts a best-in-class Shopify Plus store that optimizes the brand’s global experience and paves the way for international growth. Progressing to a long-term partnership, we continue to push their growth through Ongoing Success.

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