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Founded by twin brothers, designers, and athletes Nick and Steve Tidball, Vollebak uses science and technology to create clothes from the future. Working with the most advanced materials in the world, their clothing tackles the fundamental challenges of our time: Climate, Health, Sustainability, and Space.

Vollebak approached us with a challenge: Migrate their ailing WordPress website onto Shopify Plus, overhauling the visual design and UX in the process – and do it all in just 3 and a half months.

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The Challenge

The extremely technical nature of Vollebak’s product range presented a problem: How do you convey large amounts of detailed content in a clear, engaging way that converts? Vollebak needed to move away from the blog-like feeling of their existing website to a slick, compelling e-commerce experience. That meant focusing not just on brand, but on conversion, cross-selling, and upselling. 

Vollebak needed a Shopify Plus agency experienced in taking content-heavy stores and creating beautiful, easy-to-navigate sites – we were up for the task.

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The Solution

The initial engagement was to create an MVP to replace their WordPress site – and with speed. 

For the build, we started with a solid foundation: We used Shopify Markets to allow Vollebak to sell directly to international customers across multiple currencies - giving them the flexibility to launch new markets at lightning pace. For functionality outside of Shopify’s core, we constrained our app selection to Shopify’s own apps - streamlining the delivery and avoiding protracted contract negotiations with third parties.  

For the design, we built a flexible system of reusable components – powered by Shopify 2.0 – giving the Vollebak team a suite of building blocks to construct unique, compelling pages across the site, helping them convey technical information in an easily-digestible way. In addition, we incorporated animation and subtle interaction into the pages to reflect the brand’s elevated and premium identity.

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The Results

The outcome is a beautiful and ready-to-use MVP Shopify store, delivered within 3 and a half months. By implementing Shopify 2.0 and Sections Everywhere, we empowered Vollebak with the flexibility to build their own landing pages to tell their brand story and simultaneously refocused the site back towards converting visitors to shoppers.

Increase in Orders
Bounce Rate Decreased
Page Views Increased