16 Stand-Out Shopify Plus Designs Right Now

March 15, 2023
5 min read

There are a ton of beautifully designed Shopify sites out there, from stunning brand assets that grab the user’s attention to clever bundle builders that increase average order value - e-commerce has got them all. But some have caught our eye a little more than others. So get inspired by our picks of the best e-commerce site designs right now…


Shopify Commerce Awards 2020, Best Store Rebuild | Best UX, UI and Innovation CSS Design Award |

Awarded ‘Best Store Rebuild’ at the Shopify Commerce Awards 2020 and Best UX, UI, and innovation CSS awards, sustainable fashion-forward brand Pangaia’s site was recognized for its clean design, highly customized product page, and creative use of brand narrative.

This is a beautiful site. The product page really steals the show with the impact icons.

Atlee Clark
Director of Shop, Shopify

To read a little more about our rebuild and redesign of Pangaia’s Shopify Plus site, take a look at our full case study: download it here.


HyperX’s slick design is built for an easy customer experience. It includes product linking, which allows customers to see if the product they’re viewing comes in another model, as well as detailed specifications sheets, which help customers to understand how they’ll use the product or to show differences in similar styles.


CSS Awards Featured Site

Italian homeware brand, Alessi, is known for their product quality and modern minimalism, which their e-commerce store complements by mixing their traditional heritage with a fresh look and feel. We particularly love their specifications sheet that provides users with all the information they need while staying true to their branding.

To dive deeper into Alessi's Shopify Plus build, check out our case study.

A.P.C. US Store

A.P.C is renowned for their classic denim jeans and collection of simplistic, elegant clothing. Their sleek ‘lookbooks’ of products are a nod to their high fashion influence and elegance and make it easier for customers to find products, pre-order, and gain inspiration.


Gymshark is the blueprint for a successful e-commerce store. It’s a carefully considered site that ticks all the boxes, including design. From simple and effective navigation to filters, quick add, bundling prompts, and clean PDPs, this site has got it all.


Awwwards Honorable Mention | Best UX, UI and Innovation CSS Design Award

Bringing a new product to market is never easy, let alone a new product from a new brand. But our client SAES has taken on the challenge with B!POD. They use their site to tell their brand story, focusing on the science behind products and incorporating eye-catching visuals to inspire customers, while clever layouts allow them to present a lot of information in a readable way.


Kith oozes cool with their popular brand collaborations, including Vans, PUMA, ASICS, New Balance, and more. Their thriving e-commerce store features full experience toggle on their PLPs, allowing their cult following to browse their way. So, whether straight to cart or inspiration only - Kith has thought of it all.

Good American

As a Shopify Plus store built on size inclusion, Good American has made sure to reflect their brand message in every aspect of their site. From navigation that breaks down size, collection, and fit to the ability for users to switch-up model images on the PDP.


Phone accessories aren’t the sexiest product, but South Korean-based brand Spigen have done a great job changing that narrative with their clean and crisp e-commerce site, similar to that of Apple. This provides a recognizable experience for customers looking to purchase accessories, with a similar aesthetic, for their Apple, Samsung, and Google devices.


Commonry’s consideration for how different size models can be incorporated into the browsing experience and the PDP makes for an excellent user experience. Their easy-to-use toggle between size ranges on the PLP and PDP is a fantastic feature that’s subtle but makes all the difference in the overall customer journey.


Stojo let their brand identity speak to their customers. They use clever copywriting and imagery to define the issue and provide a solution in an engaging way that feels natural and not overly sales-y. We particularly love their ‘build-a-bundle’ feature and the display of all product colorways.

Krave Beauty

With a bright, playful, youthful e-commerce experience, Krave Beauty gives users a good sense of who their brand is at every stage of their journey, from color palette to content. Using illustrations and iconography, they’ve created a space that’s uniquely their own and, in turn, created a recognizable brand experience.


Minimalism is at the core of the ETQ brand, so it makes sense that their e-commerce store reflects this with a beautifully refined design. Although they’ve kept it clean and simple, their PLP features a great toggle that allows users to choose between grid and filtering views.


On the reverse of minimalism, you’ll find Aisle. Their playful, modern site uses animation throughout to bring their e-commerce offering to life for customers and encourages exploration and engagement. We particularly love their dedicated period quiz to help new customers find their perfect product aligned with their ‘menstruation frustrations.’

Lick Paint

Lick Paint does a great job standing out from the crowd. Placed firmly in the DIY industry their brand and e-commerce store takes a different approach from the usual, focusing on sustainability and a fresh modern look. Their site has so many delightful features and functionality that aren't standard to e-commerce but is beautifully integrated and anything but clunky.


Awwwards Site of The Day

Cowboy uses animated 3D assets to sell e-bikes is a great way to enable consumers to see how the product moves in real-life. The PDP is simple yet effective, with customization and bundling options for accessories and insurance presented in an easy step-by-step process.


Our picks and many other e-commerce brands have varied site designs, with merchants using their sites as an opportunity to communicate their brand identity and nailing down their customers’ specific needs. However, there are some commonalities.

For example, storytelling and brand transparency are quickly becoming a must-have for consumers: if customers can connect with your brand, it will also help to improve your customer lifetime value.

Ultimately, the ‘best’ Shopify Plus store's designs are unique and speak to specific customer bases. However, the above merchants provide great inspiration for new and effective ways of presenting a range of information and speaking in various brand voices. If you think your e-commerce site needs a refresh, we’d love to help.


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