Brands Selling Internationally on Shopify

February 24, 2023
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Many brands have sights set on international markets. Luckily, Shopify offers numerous ways to sell globally. We’ve cherry-picked some of the most successful brands using the platform, and the methods they've chosen for their international commerce.

Shopify’s global sales options include multi-currency (single stores with multiple currencies), multi-store (having separate stores per region) and headless (still using the Shopify checkout but with an external CMS to manage localized content). Let’s break down which brands are using what method.


As one of the first-ever demi-fine jewelry brands, Missoma has seen huge success since they established in 2008. In fact, they now ship to over 200 countries worldwide and partner with some of the world’s top retailers.

To achieve this level of globalization, Missoma has a combined multi-store (13 countries so far, plus “Rest of Europe” and “Rest of World”) and multi-currency Shopify architecture. Take a look at how we created Missoma’s ‘Layering Lab’ here.

International method: Combination of multi-store (separate store per region) with Shopify multi-currency on their UK store.


Eco-friendly and famously comfy, Allbirds’ sneakers are loved all over the globe. And to serve their international customers, the B-Corp is using a multi-store Shopify setup (despite having a headless website).

This is partially because Allbirds launched before it was possible to make their website headless with a single Shopify backend, and the multi-currency option wasn’t enough to support their needs. But, it all worked out for the best, as Allbirds now boasts a website that’s super fast and full of personality.

International method: Multi-store (separate store per region).

Third Man Records

The brainchild of Jack White, Third Man Records is an independent record label with a huge product catalog. After taking things up an octave with a Magento 2 to Shopify Plus replatforming, we built an exclusive members' access area called “Vault”.

Now, Third Man Records offers the Vault subscription to UK and EU customers with an innovative multi-currency subscription service that we custom-built on Shopify Plus. With multiple currencies across Europe, EU customers can sign up for the subscription in their native currency. Check out our ultimate guide to selling like a native, here.

International method: Multi-store (separate store per region), with multi-currency subscription service for UK and EU customers.

Frescobol Carioca

Inviting their audience to ‘Live like a Carioca’ wherever they may be, this resort wear brand does international commerce through a multi-store Shopify setup.

Despite this, Frescobol Carioca carries their Brazilian flavor (“Ola! Sign up for 10% off”) throughout each store, as mentally transporting their customers to Rio De Janeiro is central to their brand. Caipirinha, anyone?

International method: Multi-store (separate store per region).


Self-proclaimed “Spirit of Britain, envy of the world”, Represent is a British clothing brand that delivers globally. Their multi-currency setup means they sell to the UK (GBP), Europe (EUR), and the USA / Rest of the world (USD, CAD, and AUD).

When a user lands on the site, a GEOIP which will ask them if they want to switch to the UK store (if the IP address is UK) or remain on the US site. This is great for the user experience, as some customers might want to shop for other people in a different country, or just see the options for that country.

International method: Multi-currency


Shopify Plus also handles the global e-commerce of cult beauty brand, ICONIC London, through a multi-currency architecture.

As the name suggests, the brand was inspired by - and founded in - the vibrant city of London just six years ago. But ICONIC has seen success beyond its years, with its products celebrated by professional makeup artists and gracing the faces of A-listers worldwide.

International method: Multi-store (separate store per region).


Following seven successful brick-and-mortar stores in the US, Rothy’s decided to share their eco-friendly shoes, bags, and accessories with the wider world through a headless Shopify build.

And, with a goal of achieving a closed-loop production model by 2023, this is one instance of global domination that the planet would be grateful for.

International method: Headless.


Cult swimwear label, Triangl, provides a localized e-commerce experience to bikini lovers across the globe.

Like Chilly’s, Triangl’s multi-store setup on Shopify allows them to tailor their images, messaging, payment options, and more, to either Australia or the Rest of the World.

International method: Multi-store (separate store per region).

Lazy Oaf

In their own words, “It’s been a not-so-lazy ride” for independent street label Lazy Oaf. Founded from a North London garage in 2001 and propelled by creativity, nostalgia, and subcultures, Lazy Oaf is now a unique, robust brand that’s now popular worldwide.

But such popularity meant that Lazy Oaf needed an e-commerce platform that could grow at the same rate as their brand. That’s why they left Magento to scale their global e-commerce through Shopify Plus, opting for a multi-currency structure.

International method: Single store with Shopify multi-currency.


We’ll assume you’re no stranger to sportswear giant, Gymshark. Initially built on Magento, Gymshark found they’d already outgrown their site by the time it was ready to go live and decided to replatform to Shopify Plus.

Since entrusting Shopify with their global e-commerce, Gymshark has become one of the fastest-growing sportswear brands on the planet, with millions of loyal followers in 131 countries. Gymshark now entrusts Shopify with their global e-commerce through a multi-store setup.

International method: Multi-store (separate store per region).

Frank Body

With a strong international presence spanning six e-commerce stores, this beauty brand - renowned for its cheeky and rather ‘frank’ tone - is globally equipped with a Shopify multi-store architecture.

They’re another brand who are using their headless architecture to maximum advantage. Find out how, here.

International method: Multi-store (separate store per region).

Victoria Beckham Beauty

It’s Victoria Beckham’s beauty line — of course it’s global! Selling internationally through a headless Shopify framework, to be exact.

Not only does this headless framework allow website visitors to seamlessly switch between different currencies, it enables an aesthetic that mirrors the luxury of their products - something that would be difficult with a monolithic architecture.

International method: Headless.


Skinnydip London takes their sea of colorful products to a global audience through a multi-currency Shopify store that we built for them back in 2016.

Since then, we’ve carried out a number of strategic projects, including a site takeover for their limited edition Barbie collection, a custom filter rebuild that nods to their product breadth, and a killer BFCM strategy (to name a few). Get the details here.

International method: Single store with Shopify multi-currency.


International watch brand, Cluse, flaunts a seamless international offering both in-store and online.

With a store locator to help physical shoppers find their nearest brick-and-mortar, five online stores with both localized languages and currencies, and free worldwide shipping, Cluse ensures that their customers everywhere are given VIP treatment.

International method: Multi-store (separate store per region).


With so many iconic brands making a huge success of selling globally on Shopify, it’s well worth considering using Shopify for your international expansion too (if you don’t already). If you’re curious about exactly how it’s done, check out this post or speak to one of our experts about your global e-commerce strategy.


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